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Changemaker School Blog:
Literature Review, Kristi Kraychy: Gifted Education and Student-Centred Learning
Literature Review, Kristi Kraychy: Family Engagement 
Schools of Choice in Alberta Workshop SLIDES LINK
Alberta Education Resources:

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Giftedness & Gifted Education:
Support for the excessively curious, creative, smart and sensitive: 
Success in the classroom and in life: Focusing on strengths of the head and strengths of the heart Steven Pfeiffer:

Bright and Quirky Blogs for Gifted, ADHD, Autism and Neurodiversity

Books on Giftedness:

Neihart, M., Pfeiffer, S. I., & Cross, T. L. (2016). The social and emotional development of gifted children: What do we know? Waco: Prufrock.

Rankin, J. G. (2017). Engaging and Challenging Gifted Students: Tips for supporting extraordinary minds in your classroom (ACSD arias). ALEXANDRIA.

Homeschooling Resources:

Multi-Age Classroom Videos:

Anti-Racism/Anti-Bias & Celebrating Diversity Resources:





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School-Family-Community Collaboration Books and Resources:

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Community Partners: Making Student Learning Relevant VIDEO:

Student-Centred Learning, Reggio and Changemaking Books:

Reggio in the Classroom and Quick Resources for Mindfulness

Reggio in the Classroom, the emergent curriculum

Active Math

Differentiated Classroom Stations

Balagopal, S., Bryant, H., Bomba, L., Hodne, P., Liu, T., Lloyd, A., . . . Zakaras, M. (2016). Changemakers: Educating with purpose: By educators for educators. North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

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Support for Teachers:


Classroom Management:

Exit Tickets/Closure Activities:

DeShaw, T. (2020, July 04). 24 Exit Ticket Ideas. Retrieved July 14, 2020, from

Finley, T. (2015, December 15). 22 Powerful Closure Activities. Retrieved July 14, 2020, from




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