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Hello, I'm Kristi Kraychy

As the Head of School and founder of the Calgary Changemaker School and Changemaker Workshops, I am driven by an unwavering passion for education and empowering individuals to create profound change in the world. Through captivating workshops, inspiring event speaking engagements, and personalized coaching services, I am here to ignite the hearts and minds of educators, parents, and educational leaders to reshape school culture, provide support, and reignite the love and passion for your heart-work.


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My Story

At 13, I founded a music teaching company, unknowingly igniting a lifelong teaching passion. My journey includes affiliations with the Royal Conservatory of Music, various teaching roles, and a "Teacher of the Year" award. However, my children's experiences reshaped my educational views. Enrolling my son in an overly academic preschool dimmed his curiosity, leading me to embrace a Forest School program, where I later became principal of Calgary's first accredited forest-school kindergarten.

The loss of my mother to cancer inspired me to pursue my dreams fearlessly. This led to a Masters in Educational Leadership and involvement in innovative educational initiatives in San Diego and Madrid. Now, I lead the Calgary Changemaker School and chair the Calgary Changemakers in Education Society, focusing on nurturing children's wellbeing and supporting gifted and neurodivergent individuals. Through my experiences as a leader, teacher, and parent, I advocate for embracing unique strengths and fostering creativity to unlock potential and make a positive impact in the world.

How to Book

When you hire me to spend time with you or your community - as a 1:1 coach, in a PD workshop or as a keynote speaker - you will feel more connected, more supported, and more inspired to be the best version of yourself as a leader, as a teacher and/or as a parent. 


Through sharing my own stories, research, and experiences, I hope to challenge conventional thinking, inspire reflection and help you get that 'spark back'. Whether you're looking to ignite creativity, foster innovation, enhance leadership/parenting skills, or promote a positive and inclusive culture in your school or organization, my sessions provide the inspiration and tools needed to drive meaningful change. Let's embark on a transformative journey together, filled with laughter, vulnerability, and thought-provoking possibility.

And... the most incredible part is that, for a limited time, we are presenting an extraordinary opportunity to simply Pay What You Can! You have the freedom to determine what you or your organization can genuinely afford, and then make a payment in the form of a donation that directly supports our charity/not-for-profit organization (with a charitable tax receipt available; minimum donations required). *Please keep in mind that travel expenses, if applicable, must be covered. 

Email us to begin creating an experience together today! 

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Personal Coaching

For parents with gifted children, teachers or leaders looking to get that spark back, you can choose Zoom or In-Person coaching (or a combo of both). Book just a one-time session or continuing sessions on a schedule that works for you.

Team Meeting


Whether you’re hoping to motivate your staff before heading back into their classrooms, give parents or educators in your community new tools to support gifted and neurodivergent students, or you want a customized workshop that will help you to reimagine what school could be, I will listen, share, educate and inspire. 

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Keynote Speaking

My keynote speaking sessions are designed to leave a lasting impact on your organization or school. With a captivating blend of laughter, tears, and thought-provoking insights, each session is carefully tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. 

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